Online Poster Competition 2020

Although we will be unable to meet face to face  this December, BSG is moving the Winter Conference  poster competition online.Our ‘virtual’ poster competition will offer prizes for the best poster presentations,on a subject relevant to older people and oral health, submitted in one of the following categories: 

Click here  for Application Form -BSG Online Poster 2020


  1. Case Study

  2. Audit /Service Evaluation / Quality Improvement / Innovation

  3. Research

 £250 prize in each category for the following groups

  1. Dental Care Professional (DCP)
  2. Dental Core  Trainee /Foundation Dentist (CT/DF)
  3. Specialist Trainee Clinical /Specialist Trainee Academic 
  4. Dentists
  5. Allied Health Care Professionals

Click  here for  poster examples 

Click here  for  Application Form -BSG Poster 2020

  • Closing date  : 12.00  Friday November 27th

  • The online poster  submission should be based on the the standard  A0  poster  format

     (eg PDF or Powerpoint A0 template)

  • All entries will be assessed by  a panel of judges appointed by the BSG committee

  • Applicants  will be asked to complete  a short individual online  Q&A  session with the judges(e-mail or video call).

  • Prizes will be awarded in each category only if the judges agree that its content is of a sufficiently high standard

  • Results of the poster competition will announced at the close of the BSG  afternoon webinar , prior to the Society AGM, on  Thursday December 3rd 2020.

Contact us : [email protected]