Oral Health Resources

Updated January 2020

BSG has revised the database of OH Resources with links to relevant websites. These include policies, reports, guidelines, teaching resources and other useful information relevant to the oral health of older people. Apart from the publications in Gerodontology, these resources will not come up in a Medline search.

The URLs have been checked as websites change and reformat information. The resource was developed to share information gathered by the BSG OH Working Group with members, and it has open access to the public. Although we have taken all reasonable steps to provide access to adequate and reputable content, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity and quality of every resource. We hope you will find it provides useful information, and in particular we recommend the sites on population predictions developed by the Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University: POPPI, PANSI and DAFFODILCYMRU that are already listed under Useful Links.

If you find that any of the links are inaccessible or have changed, or want to give any feedback, please contact BSG.

Click the following link to view or download the Resources 

BSG-RESOURCES  -Updated January 2020